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If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
I guess I'll go
Make my own way
It's a circle, a mean cycle
I can't excite you anymore

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge
But if you're gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life


You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go
I best be on my way out
- Ignorance is your new best friend -


This is the best thing that could've happened
Any longer and I wouldn't have made it
It's not a war, no
It's not a rapture

I'm just a person, but you can't take it
The same tricks that once fooled me
They won't get you anywhere
I'm not the same kid from your memory
Now I can fend for myself...




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